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Introducing TRS Capital

TRS Capital is an early stage investment company that provides not only funding but also consulting services to help companies thrive. Our team has more than 200 years of experience in business investing and consulting. We put that expertise to work for the companies we partner with, leading to great success in our investments.

Some of our current active investments include:

  • Maion Business Solutions, a management consulting company that optimizes people, process, & technology to enable organizational growth & success

  • Movita Organics, whole-food-based vitamin supplements that address the specific needs of women and are organic, non-GMO, & free of dairy, meat, eggs, gluten, allergens (shellfish and nuts), & artificial preservatives

  • LRT Sports, a rating & review site for college coaches that helps student-athletes & their families understand college athletics & how best to navigate the recruiting process

  • US Meltblown, an American manufacturer of melt blown polypropylene, the critical filter medium in medical grade PPE

No business is too small or too large for us to consider. We are actively looking for investment opportunities. If you have an idea, a start-up, or a company you’d like to improve or grow, contact me at More info:

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