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Outsourcing/offshoring is no longer as cost-effective as it once was. There is also inherent risk if your customers are far away from your supply chain; our team has extensive experience bringing business back to the United States.

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We cut our teeth working with big corporations. If you're in need of an objective partner to help take your business to the next level, we will answer the call.

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Do you need a coach or a new team player to take your business to the next level? We provide both. Worried what it might cost? Don't. Our process ensures that we don't get paid unless you do, so engaging with us is completely risk-free. 

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Accelerated Transformation Services

Sometimes the business situation demands a more rapid approach than can be achieved by developing internal resources or utilizing expert consulting support. In these cases, we are prepared to mobilize and operate your processes including supervision, staffing, facilities, technology, reporting and other services which may be needed.  The process will be immediately stabilized to produce predictable, consistent results.  It will then be rapidly improved using Lean Six Sigma Methods and after these processes are capable of achieving world class results, we will complete the transformation from labor intensive to technology enhanced processes.



American Elite Molding

 The company’s head office and manufacturing facilities are based in Crestview, Florida. The firm produces over 1.5 billion cable ties a year, has enjoyed twelve years of double-digit growth and boasts annual sales of $25 million. With distribution centers in Florida, Indiana, California and Connecticut, AEM offers speedy delivery nationwide.


 “I get disgusted when people say we can’t do it successfully here. I have several companies in different industries, and my philosophy always is, ‘We’re going to do it here in the U.S., and we’re going to do it better than everybody else.’ And we’ve proven we can do that." - Robert Sires, CEO



Rapid Technical Team Assessment – We were asked to perform an end to end assessment of a critical infrastructure function.  We met the aggressive two week timeline and identified game changing opportunities.  At this time, we have just begun working on those identified opportunities to improve group effectiveness and resource utilization. 


John Boyle Decorating Company

 A small business that has been serving the New Britain, Connecticut area for over 140 years asked us to look at streamlining their operations.  In a matter of three weeks, we were able to identify  and execute purchasing and inventory practice changes that resulted in over $250k improvement in bottom line profit impact.