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Our Services

We understand that no 2 businesses are alike. As such, we offer tailor-made solutions unique to each client's objectives. 

Our offerings range from traditional management consulting engagements to venture capital offerings at any lifecycle (pre-seed through exit), & everything in between.

Engagement Types

We strive to understand fully the intricacies of our clients, partnering in delivering customized solutions with impactful results that help achieve both short-term & long-term organizational goals.

Management Consulting

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We cut our teeth working with big corporations. If you're in need of an objective partner to help take your business to the next level, we will deliver at warp speed. Our recent engagements span across multiple industries, including advising executives at Fortune 500 companies, implementing public company readiness processes at pre-IPO tech unicorns, & transforming manufacturing companies in growth mode.

Accelerated Transformation Services

Sometimes the business situation demands a more rapid approach than can be achieved by developing internal resources or utilizing expert consulting support. In these cases, we mobilize quickly & operate your processes via supervision, staffing, facilities, technology, & reporting, to name a few. Processes will be stabilized immediately to produce predictable, consistent results. They will then be improved rapidly using Lean Six Sigma methods until things operate at a world-class level, at which point we will complete the transformation by shifting from labor-intensive to technology-enhanced monitoring.

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Lean Six Sigma Training & Certification

Karate Belt

Occasionally, clients prefer we teach them how to fish. With our process improvement experience & several Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belts on our team, we have taken individuals, teams, & departments alike through our immersive training & certification for Yellow Belt, Green Belt, Black Belt, & Master Black Belt. This can be done both in conjunction with an ongoing engagement or as a separate offering.

Outsourcing & Staff Augmentation

Finding & retaining talent in today's environment is as difficult as ever. Whether you need a temporary staffing solution while you're recruiting for a full-time role, or if you're looking to accelerate your business' growth but can't afford a full time CFO, we are here to help. Most recently, two of our partners were brought in as CEO & CFO of a startup founded in 2020, which they built up to a profitable business with nearly $60M in revenue in 2021.  

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Active Investments

All of our venture capital work is active & fast-paced; we invest our own capital rather than raising it to help your company grow today, not months from now. Additionally, we provide hands-on operational & advisory services to ensure each venture gets the attention it deserves. 


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RadPoker is a fast-paced, heads up, no-limit poker application optimized for mobile play. With a "chess like" rating system (Glicko) & a 6-second time control, our average game time is 4 minutes, catering to the ever-shortening attention span of Gen Z & Millennials.


Frescobene’s focus on the highest quality ingredients and extraordinary flavor.  Frescobene’s authentic Italian recipes evoke Old World warmth with a balance of outstanding, gourmet taste.Just as importantly, the sauces are so incredibly easy to prepare and clean up, even your kids will offer to help.  With Frescobene, you finally can get the amazing homemade meal you deserve without spending hours to make it. The business is a Certified Women Owned Company.



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Our mission is to set the standard for the material used in the manufacture of personal protective equipment. Our materials and products are built on a foundation of American ingenuity and hard work. Our PPE is made from raw materials produced in the United States, processed on equipment designed, machined and built in the United States, by American workers. Our products protect the citizens of the United States and the world.

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